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Gumotex Ruby XL - inflatable boat

GU-045200-5C/11C-XLredBA€ 1231,00
GU-045200-13/11C-XLgreenn/a€ 1248,00


Gumotex Ruby XL - inflatable boat

The new, larger boat RubyXL is 17cm wider than the original version while maintaining an excellent handling performance. It can be used with oars, with paddles as a canoe, or with a motor*. The fastening of the transom has also been changed, which is now much more robust and can be fitted with a motor with the maximum power up to 5 hp = 3.7 kW. The RubyXL boat is suitable for recreational offshore travelling, or just trips on lakes and quieter watercourses. With canoe paddles, without motor and oars, this boat can be used for river travelling up to the WW2 difficulty class.
Technical data
Length (cm)     430
Width (cm)     125
Weight (kg)     29,0
Max. load (kg)     410
Material     NITRILON®
Max. number of persons     3 persons
Cardboard box dimension (cm)     73 x 56 x 32

Gumotex Ruby XL - inflatable boat

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